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Personal Injury

Time matters. Let’s get to work.


For those injured in a car or truck crash, time is of the essence. My job is to help you put things back together. I’ve got the experience, knowledge, and tenacity to put a plan in place for you to recover and get the compensation you deserve.

Workers' Compensation

Get the medical treatment you need and maximize our disability settlement.


Injured workers are thrust into a complicated system of doctors and insurance companies. To navigate this complex situation, you need a legal expert who knows your rights, listens to your needs, and applies a proven strategy to protect your health and maximize compensation.

Business Planning and Litigation

Be Prepared and Protect Your Legacy.


Whether you’re starting a new company, settling a business dispute, or need help with a non-compete agreement, call on someone who can help you understand the legal landscape and form a plan that suits your business needs.

Other Services

Know your rights, safeguard your future.

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Family Law: Prenuptial agreements, divorce, custody disputes, alimony, and more. Make sure you get the best legal representation you can for these critical matters.

Criminal Law: Talk to me about your case. With my case history and legal network, I can help you find the correct representation and approach to safeguarding your rights and future.

What is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

There are many factors that impact the outcome of a personal injury claim. Your Personal Injury Attorney should always fight to secure a settlement that will:

  • Offset any medical costs resulting from the injury
  • Reimburse you for lost wages due to missed work
  • Compensate you for any pain and suffering the injury has caused
  • Compensate you for any future medical care you may need

The best way to learn more about your own case is to contact The Law Offices of Scott Pecher for a free case evaluation. I can share my extensive experience and knowledge regarding personal injury law and help you understand your options during this difficult time.

Don’t wait to reach out. An experienced Personal Injury Attorney can be your guide as you navigate the legal system. Seek compensation with a skilled and knowledgeable advocate in your corner.

The settlement amount you can receive depends on the details of your accident and the ability of your Personal Injury Attorney to make the case on your behalf. Some of the factors that will determine the outcome of your settlement include:

  • The type of accident that caused your injury or injuries
  • The severity of your injuries
  • Your ability to work in the short and long term
  • Mental and emotional anguish caused by the accident and your injuries
  • Repair or replacement costs for your vehicle or other property
  • Whether or not you share responsibility for the accident
  • Who is legally liable for your injuries
  • Amount of insurance the responsible party carries 
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