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What Is my accident and injury case worth?

What is my injury case worth? Well, that’s a complex question, but obviously an important one. No one wants to pursue an injury claim that they don’t feel fully compensated for at the end of the day. So let’s take a look at the important factors that insurance companies look at when evaluating your injury claim:

1. How did the injury happen (liability) a.k.a. whose “fault” was it?

Did you get rear-ended by another driver? Get hit by a driver who ran a stop sign? Run a yellow light and get hit?

Slip-on water in a grocery aisle?

Do you have witnesses that support your version of events?

Does the police report support your version of the events?

How bad was the collision?

An insurance carrier only wants to pay for injuries that are its responsibility. That makes sense. But sometimes, the information relied on to make the decision to pay is flawed, incorrect, misleading or just made up. That’s when you need our office to step in and make sure the correct information is discussed and the right decision is made.

​2. If liability/fault isn’t an issue, how bad are your injuries?

Did you go to the emergency room and get checked out but are otherwise fine? Your case has value, but probably only a little more than your medical bills. Did you break a bone or have treatment that lasted several months? Did you aggravate a prior injury and now need surgery?

Insurance carriers want to know how bad your injuries are. They’ll make this evaluation by looking at your medical records and bills and your length of treatment. The more related medical treatment you have, thus signaling a greater injury, generally the more significant your case value.

When you add in things like lost wages from work, lost profits from a business you own, or loss of services around the house, things can really add up. When things get complex, or if you just want someone else to deal with the insurance company, call me.

3. Are there other factors in figuring out what is my injury case is worth?

Sure, other factors, including the following, come into the value of your case: your age, your physical condition before the incident, your social media profile (!), how good of a witness you make on your own behalf, was the other person texting, talking on the phone or otherwise distracted, was the other driver drunk?

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