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Author: Scott Pecher

Industrial construction site of prefabricated hall with cement pillars and concrete beams with moving crane working
Legal Representation

Third Party Liability in Construction Accidents

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, roughly 150,000 construction workers sustain job-related injuries each year. Workers’ compensation insurance covers most of these

Tax forms with cash and a close shot of reading glasses
Personal Injury Attorney

How Are Personal Injury Settlements Taxed?

Personal Injury Settlements are Tax Exempt (Mostly) The IRS considers most legal settlements taxable income. However, personal injury settlements are typically tax-exempt. This article will

Signing agreement
Legal Representation

Who Pays in a Workers’ Compensation Settlement?

A workers’ compensation settlement is paid for by the workers’ compensation insurance provider. Missouri and Illinois require most employers to purchase workers’ compensation insurance for

Can an employer mandate a covid vaccine? | Scott Pecher Attorney At Law
Employer Vaccine Mandates

Can My Employer Mandate a COVID-19 Vaccine?

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused heartache and created problems for people and communities around the world. Here in Missouri, businesses have had to close

How much is my workers comp claim worth? | Scott Pecher Workers Compensation Attorney
How Much Is My Injury Compensation Claim Worth

Missouri Workers Compensation Case Value

If injured at work, you’re probably thinking about a couple of competing things. First, First, but, “I need to see a doctor.” To get better,

What is a living trust and do I need one? | Scott Pecher Litigation Attorney
What Is A Living Trust

Do I need a Living Trust?

One of the most common questions I answer during Estate Planning consultations is “Do I need a Living Trust?” Often, folks who hear the word

Have you ever had a case with________?

Below is a sampling of the companies, organizations, and insurance carriers I’ve dealt with while representing clients in Missouri and Illinois cases. While the list

How social media can affect your case | Scott Pecher | Attorney At Law

Social Media and Your Case

“OMG I have to post this…” Let’s talk about social media and your case. What kind of case did you say? Well, to be honest,

What is MedPay? | Medical Payments Coverage
What Is Medical Payments Coverage

What Is Medical Payments Coverage?

Working for an insurance carrier taught me lots of things about the insurance industry. So many different kinds of policies and coverages. Learning about those