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How to Find a Workers’ Compensation Attorney You Can Trust

Your Choice of Workers’ Compensation Attorney Could Make All the Difference

The outcome of your workers’ compensation case is too important to leave up to chance. Even as you deal with your injury, it is appropriate to spend some time researching your options for a workers’ compensation attorney. 

Legal representation is vital in workers’ compensation cases. This is because the law is complex and employers often employ their own lawyers to argue against your claim. Before you receive a case consultation, there are some specific things you can look for to identify a workers’ compensation attorney who is best prepared to handle your case.

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An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you every step of the way.

Practice Due Diligence in Hiring Legal Representation

First, ask around. Trusted individuals you know who have experience with workers’ compensation attorneys may have valuable insight. Loved ones, friends, and neighbors who have been through this before will be able to tell you about their experience in detail. Which attorneys are trustworthy, knowledgeable, and kind?

However, remember that it is best not to share any details about your claim with anyone. Insurance companies often interview friends, family, or colleagues about the incident or injury related to the settlement. Any inconsistencies between their answers and your claim will be used in court to cast doubt on your testimony. Even with individuals you completely trust, it is best not to divulge any details about your workers’ compensation claim.

Search online for more information. Law firm websites are a good place to find out what that firm is all about. Because the bulk of our work is in workers’ compensation and personal injury cases, you will find content related to those topics on our website. Look for an attorney whose website reflects an emphasis on workers’ compensation. Client testimonials and aggregated case results can help paint a better picture of the attorney’s experience and results.

Go to your state and local bar associations for help identifying the most qualified attorneys in your area. Specifically, they can help you find law firms that deal extensively with workers’ compensation cases. Once you have this select list of attorneys, cross-reference this list with your own research to further narrow your focus.

For information: Visit The Missouri Bar, or the Illinois State Bar Association.

Use the Case Evaluation to Learn More about the Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Your case evaluation (or consultation) is an opportunity for the attorney to learn about your case. It’s also a great time to learn more about the attorney. Ask questions about their specialties, specifically their experience with workers’ compensation law. Have they tried a case like yours before? Workplace injuries like RSIs (repetitive stress injuries) can be particularly hard to defend in court, and you will want a lawyer who has done so before.

These are some ways you can search smarter when it comes to finding a workers’ compensation attorney. Focus on these tips to find a qualified attorney quickly.

The Law Offices of Scott Pecher handle complex workers’ compensation cases for our clients all the time. If you want a free case evaluation to learn more about your case and my approach, I’d be thrilled to help. Contact us online or call 636-530-1515 to get started.

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