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How to Handle a Low Insurance Quote After a Traffic Collision

Give Yourself the Power to Negotiate Low Insurance Quotes

A low insurance quote is the last thing you want to see in the aftermath of a collision. Traffic accidents are enough trouble on their own. First, you have to seek medical attention for any injuries that you suffered. Next, you must navigate the complex landscape of auto repair quotes, insurance claims, and medical bills. 

When it comes to auto repair claims, insurance companies seek to find the cheapest solution. If the other driver was at fault, you have to deal with their insurance company to quote and reimburse you for repairs. In these cases, you may feel the insurance company has underestimated repair or reimbursement costs. Is it possible to negotiate in this situation?

The short answer is yes. But take caution before you engage in negotiation with an insurance company. Their agents have experience negotiating claims like this and will do everything in their power to convince you that their quote is the best they can do.

To get negotiations started, you want to draft a written statement of your revision demands. Include repair quotes from trusted local dealerships that better reflect your repair needs. 

Insurance agents know how to poke holes in your revision requests. That is why I strongly recommend you hire a personal injury attorney who can help you with this process. Lawyers are keenly aware of the tactics insurance companies use to keep their quotes low. And a legal representative can work with you to draft an effective request for revisions.

Insurance Companies Can Negotiate with Auto Repair Shops

If your auto insurance company is footing the bill, they may opt to negotiate with dealerships or repair shops for your quote. They do this to keep repair costs low while securing the repairs you need.

Be clear with your auto insurance provider about the repairs you need. Confirm the replacement parts used are OEM manufacturer parts and ask shops you trust to review the needed repairs. If you still feel as though you are being short-changed, legal representation can help you negotiate.

If you Aren’t Sure How to Handle a Low Insurance Quote, Reach Out

Personal Injury Attorneys like myself are acutely aware of the challenges you are facing. In the aftermath of a traffic collision, you will find yourself negotiating with insurance companies, healthcare providers, and auto shops.I know what tactics insurance companies will use to keep your repair quotes low. If you suspect your quote is insufficient, you can reach out for a free case evaluation today. Start the process right away. Call 636-530-1515 or contact me online. The longer you wait, the fewer options you will have available to you.

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