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Effective Estate Planning

Most Cost-Effective Estate Planning Tool?

What is the single most cost-effective, efficient estate planning tool I can use?

While that question is certainly loaded, the quickest, most cost-effective move that will save you the most money (if you do nothing else, that is) is to have a BENEFICIARY DEED on your house.

What is a Beneficiary Deed?

A Beneficiary Deed is a legal document that transfers your home to one or more persons upon your death. It is a document typically filed with the Recorder of Deeds in your County.

Why is this the most effective and cost-efficient option you can think of?

Well, for most folks, your house is the most valuable thing you own. While most Financial Advisers will have you put Transfer on Death (T.O.D.) provisions on your retirement accounts, most F.A.’s won’t talk about your house. After all, that’s not why you’re visiting with them.

As a result of this oversight, if you pass away and your house is an asset put through probate court, you (read: your children, wife, husband, etc.) can count on paying thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees to transfer ownership of your house.

So how do I file a beneficiary deed?

Contact me. I can put together a beneficiary deed for a couple of hundred dollars. In doing so, nothing changes with your house ownership. Upon your demise, the house automatically transfers to the beneficiaries of your choosing, without incurring those crazy probate attorney’s fees. It’s easy, all you have to do is track down the legal description of your home, typically found on your Deed of Trust.

Call or email me if you have questions.

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