Primary Practice Areas

Personal Injury

Time matters. Let’s get to work.

For those injured in a car or truck crash, time is of the essence. My job is to help you put things back together. I’ve got the experience, knowledge, and tenacity to put a plan in place for you to recover and get the compensation you deserve.

Workers' Compensation

Get the medical treatment you need and maximize your disability settlement.

Injured workers are thrust into a complicated system of doctors and insurance companies. To navigate this complex situation, you need a legal expert who knows your rights, listens to your needs and applies a proven strategy to protect your health and maximize compensation.

Other Services

Business Planning

Be Prepared to Build Your Legacy.

Small and medium sized businesses are the economic engine of our community. As a business owner or someone considering starting a business, you have a unique opportunity to develop not only your economic future but also the future of your employees. Making educated choices about your business entity, deal making, employment decisions and risk management are key to a thriving business. If you have questions about the best plan, contact me today.

Business Litigation

Protect the Business You Worked Hard to Create.

Even the best plans sometimes go awry, whether through internal disagreement, an injury to an employee/customer, unpaid bills or other unforeseen circumstances. If your business is being threatened and there are potential financial or legal ramifications upcoming, contact me as soon as you can so that we can work to resolve the situation.

Family Law

Know you rights before you sign.
Prenuptial agreements, divorce, custody disputes, alimony, and more. Make sure you get the best legal representation you can for these important matters.

Criminal Law

Traffic, DWI, Juvenile matters, Misdemeanors and Non-Violent Felonies.
Talk to me about your case. With my case history and legal network, I can help you find the right representation and approach to safeguard your rights and your future.
Reach out for a fast response.